On this page you can see wedding videos made by my husband. You can always order photo+video package with discount!

Marta and Andrey

Videographer Kirill Babenkov babenkoff.com
Photographer Evgenia Volokitina evolokitina.com
Wedding planner Evgenia Strutovskaya vip-pro.com.ua
MUAH Galina Geria kukla.lu

Tatiana and Kirill

Videographer Kirill Babenkov babenkoff.com
Photographer Evgenia Volokitina evolokitina.com

Organization - Oniro Weddings Santorini http://www.santorini-svadba.com
MUAH - Julia Afanasenko http://juliafanasenko.com

Ciara Vizzard Music Video - Breath

Ciara Vizzard is a singer songwriter with a pop/melodic soul twist. She has influences that range from Boyz II Men and Janet Jackson, to Damien Rice and the Spice Girls.  


Written and Performed by Ciara Vizzard
Produced by Brad Mair (facebook.com/thebradmair)

Videographer Kirill Babenkov (babenkoff.com)
Photographer Evgenia Volokitina (EVolokitina.com)
MUAH Julia Popova (makeupgreece.com)
Dress by Santorini Dress (santorinidress.com)

Special thanks to PK Cocktail bar for letting us use the location (paliakameni.com/) and to Santorini Horse Riding for providing a beautiful horse (santorinihorseriding.gr/) and Andrei Merkushev

Ekaterina and Dmitry

Videographer: babenkoff.com
Photographer: evolokitina.com
Wedding Planner : santorini-svadba.com
MUAH: juliafanasenko.com

Elena and Vitaly

Videographer: babenkoff.com
Photographer: evolokitina.com
Wedding Planner : http://RitaIslands.ru

Diana and Imanu

Videographer: babenkoff.com
Photographer: evolokitina.com
Wedding Planner : Svetlana de Freutas gocarib.ru